View Full Version : Can We Get Ge To Make The Elec Trak Again ?

10-04-2005, 07:25 PM
Wonder if GE would ever make the ELEC TRAKs again ?
(of course with updated technology)

Wonder if we should urge GE to do this as a group ?

After all the time is right, gas in short supply, foreign oil weakens the US and clean air is an issue in may urban/suburban areas.


10-05-2005, 09:41 PM
I doubt it. Besides GE is just too damn BIG, they aint interested in serving the needs of small holders, not when they can make billions selling jet engines to the warmongers. Bella

10-06-2005, 11:46 AM
That would be great, RedwoodFrog, but I have to agree with Bella - GE doesn't care about anything except more $$$$... Sad because so many good innovations like the Elec Trak, induction cooking appliances, the Advantium system, etc... have come from GE only to be dropped before the public can educate themselves enough to want them. That, and they are low-volume compared to jet engines.

Even if GE did make the Elec-Trak again, I don't know that I would want to spend my money with them. Look instead to The Electric Tractor Co or to the Edmond Co., both of Canada. The ETC has a 48 volt unit called the Electric Ox, similar to an E-15 or E-20 but with updated electronics. Edmond is a conversion concept to install electric drive and mowing decks in riding mower frames that are already in production as pollution-powered mowers. I don't think either of these expensive contemporaries will prove as sturdy and robust as a genuine Elec-Trak.

We mowed all season with our E10M acquired in May 05, and just added an E-15 last month. Plans for now are to restore both machines over the winter and be ready for an early spring debut. I'm in conflict with myself whether to restore them as yellow GE Elec-Trak's or in Wheel Horse or New Idea colors. Hmmmm...

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Steve Rhode
10-08-2005, 12:41 PM
I think we are barking up the wong tree here, GE is a for profit company so you can't jump them for doing what is there whole mission in life, MAKE MONEY! As for making the Elec-Trak again a small company is in a much better position to take on the task and do it right. You must agree most of us have had to become engineers just to keep our units operating this long, WE have know how to do this, all we need is backing of some shareholders. Most Elec-Trak parts are simple off the shelf type,welding and machining is very simple.This is what made the design so durable. Why look to others for what we already know how to do? The bigger Qustion! Who Holds the Patent rights and are any of old molds and jigs still in existence?


RJ Kanary
10-08-2005, 03:31 PM
Sad to say, as much as we revere this pieces of equipment, by and large we are a 'niche' market. Due to that investment would be high,and profit low, something that the corporate giant founded by Thomas Alva Edison is unlikely to pursue.
Remember how quickly they "pulled the plug." back in the Seventies.
The business model recently vacated by Bill Gunn was likely the most viable approach, but none of us individually or collectively could have afforded to pursue a buy out. And it was just too much for a "Mom & Pop" operation. Could you imagine the headaches of putting a product into production and then bringing it to market ? :(

10-08-2005, 08:16 PM
Greetings All,

That is what I like best about the forum - so many ideas from so many places coming together making it possible to accomplish the impossible. Yes, we are very much a niche market, but stranger things have happened. Last month I stopped in a booth at our county fair. It was a music store's booth. There I found what I though at first was a nicely restored Hammond B3 organ. To my surprise it was a NEW B3 complete with a tone wheel generator, a genuine NEW Leslie cabinet with a tube-type output stage in the amplifier!! Hammond (now owned by Suzuki) had unsucessfully tried various digital remakes of the B3, all of which fell short in some way. The solution - make a NEW B3 true to the original one. The lush sound that NOTHING else can produce, solid feel and classic look is PERFECT. The modern surprise is in a little tray under the keyboard that pulls out to reveal the MIDI panel !!! Heaven !!!

So lets get together and ask GE for the Elec-Trak 2006. Worst they can do is say "NO." If/when they do, then its time to look into acquiring the rights and designing a modern Elec-Trak. I am new to the Elec-Trak and came into this after the days of Bill Gunn. I have seen the name but know little to nothing of his work. Maybe those of you who have been around longer could tell us more? I understand he made replacement parts, but does he also hold the patent rights and/or have any of the production equipment? Thanks to all, and sorry if I came across badly in my first reply.

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E10M and E15

10-09-2005, 12:15 AM

Great example with the "Hammond" organ.

I think there are some motivating factors for the Elec Trak to come back.

I have read since cars have cleaned up their exhaust, the biggest source of pollution in metro/suburban areas is small engine exhaust. I have also read that electric mowers (example - Country Home Products "Neuton" mower) have been purchased by the government and given to people to lower the pollution in CA.

Possibly the government is creating an additional market incentive for electric mowers and tractors.

There are also people in government that promote small business and especially small business that cuts pollution.

I know there are alot of intelligent people here, but on the internet, this kind of thing seems to get lost....

It would be nice if we could find someone to lead a project.....I wonder if the people at "Home Power" magazine have and suggestions or contacts....

Anyway....ET guys,

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EZ GO 36 Volt cart

10-09-2005, 08:12 PM
Hey Redwoodfrog,
I see you also have an Ezgo golf cart. How old is yours? I also run an ezgo that I salvaged from an old factory. It has a flatbed like a miniature pickup truck (with 3 wheels). I use it more than my E-15 but I'd like to jack it up for more ground clearance. It's a good machine, I've replaced the solonoid twice and had to replace brake cables, voltage regulation coils tires a wheel and the seat. I let my blind friend Rich drive it once with me riding shotgun yelling LEFT LEFT, NO! RIGHT! BRAAKE! Bella

10-09-2005, 10:44 PM

I think my EZ GO is a 2001....I bought mine for utility purposes around the property. I'm going to sell my ATV and stick with the electric golf cart. I will be raising mine too, with probably a 3 or 4 in lift and more aggressive tires. I understand if you get a higher amp controller you add torque.

Have you seen the solar roofs for golf carts? "Suncatcher" is the name of one...

I would like to add an inverter to my cart too for using a weed wacker and other things.

Sounds like you like to live on the edge with your blind friend driving....

Take care,