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ted jennings
10-24-2005, 08:52 AM
Need Some Help- I Have An E15- Am Now Losing The Forward Speeds- When I Move The Speed Control Forward The Use Meter Shows It Working By The Needle Moving To The Right- Often Pinning It In The Red- But No Movement Of The Drive Motor- Also Noticing That Sometimes I'm Just Getting 1 Forward Speed Even Though The Speed Control Is All The Way Forward- The Speed Control Is About 3-4 Years Old- Maybe It's One Of The 3 Silver Contactors Below The Steering Wheel?- Also I've Had The Same False Readings In Reverse-usually When The Batteries Are Getting Low

RJ Kanary
10-24-2005, 11:39 PM
Including the information on the data plate in the forward battery compartment would help me help you, since the E-15 has at least three distinct wiring configurations. :(

ted jennings
10-25-2005, 06:15 AM
My Model # Is 26ae15ga- I Have More Data-
As Far As The Three Contactors Goes- I Tested For Resistance Across The Small Terminals With The Main Switch Off- Top One Was 113 Ohms, Middle Was 118, Bottom Was 106- With The Switch Turned On- Top Was 0 Ohms, Middle Was 118, Bottom Was 105
Got 35+ Volts At Top Contactor With Speed Control Full Forward And 0 Volts At Middle And Bottom Contactors
When Main Switch Is Turned On There Is No Big "clicking"
I Tested The The Two Relays Also- Field Weakening And Reverse
With No Power On And Speed In Full Forward- Fw Read 275 Ohms, Reverse Read 80 K Ohms- With Power On And Full Forward- Fw Read 277 Ohms, Reverse Read 0
Reverse Relay Not Working Also- Tested With Speed Control In To The Left- Measured 36v At Two Top Wires- Relay Not Engaging
With Speed Control In Full Forward Fw Relay Show 0 Volts At Two Top Wires And Not Engaging
Am Not Sure How To Test At The Circuit Card
Sorry For The Length- Trying To Be Complete- Any Of This Pointing To The Circuit Card?

11-03-2005, 06:43 AM
I've Since Replaced The Reverse Relay- Everything Is Good Now Except- I Have To Jump Pads 10 & 11 On Circuit Card 1 To Get It To Upshift Thru The Speeds- Otherwise It Just Gives 1 Speed- Also, I Have To Jump Pads 8 & 9 In Order To Get The Reverse Relay To Kick In- So My Question Is- Is It Inadvisable To Jump The Card Pads Like That? Can That Card Be Cleaned With Anything? Where Can I Find A Replacement Card Or Maybe Get Mine Repaired? I Got The Relay And The Troubleshooting Help From Harold Zimmerman In Pa.