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Joe S.
03-16-2006, 01:34 PM

I am in the process of bringing an E 10 M back to life. I do no currently have batteries for it, but before I take the plunge and go buy some, is there a way to check out the charger, transformer and electric motor without the batteries? I see a lot of service manuals, but I'm not sure where to begin.

The tractor has been in the family since it was new and was working up until about 6 years ago when it was put into storage and then the charger stopped working and the batteries subsequently froze and died.

I looked inside the steering console and found the neutral (white wire) from the cord that plugs into 120 V current was broken between the charger(?) and plug in wiring harness that conencts to the charger extension cord with 120V male plug on the other end. Nothing else looks shorted out or burned. I think it just got pinched in some of the steering gears or a mouse had at it (judging from the amount of nesting material I removed). So maybe that is the only problem. However, I would still like to be able to do a quick accessment of the main components.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Joe S.


Great site! I would not even attempt this without the information I found here.

03-17-2006, 02:17 PM
:broken: Hi Joe,

Its LionMike in TN. I have an E10M that I bought about this time last year and I too am restoring it now. It had six very old Trojan 105's in it that are out for replacement now. I know mine is OK and working, and if I can take meter readings or snap photos or what have you while the batteries are out just let me know. Of course the acid test will be with batteries installed, but any prelims you may think of I will try to provide.

These are great machines. The E10M is simple and durable. A pleasure to use . The quiet takes a little getting used to though, and of course, the brakes suck.


Joe S.
03-22-2006, 03:11 PM
Thanks Mike,

I mended any frayed wires and replaced the 120 V charger cord, put all new tires with tubes on (from Northern Tool Co.) and decided to plug the charger in without batteries in the tractor.

To my amazement the charge meter still seems to be working (indicating charge on the dial when the charger clicked on) the charger made its usual characteristic deep huming sound and the timer was running.

I didn't bother to check voltages across various test points on the charger because it was working when it was laid up and a broken wire I found seems to have been the problem. Also, it looked like a royal pain to disconnect things to get at the test points on the charger.

I'm picking up 6 reconditioned 225 amp 6 Volt batteries in a few weeks. For the amount of use its going to get (plowing snow a couple of times a year and joy rides with the kids around the yard) they should be fine. At $35 a peice, I can't complain about the price and have had good luck with these before (Positive Battery is the company, located in East Hartford, CT).


03-29-2006, 10:08 AM

Not sure if you already got your batteries or are even interested in shelling out extra cash for new ones, but I just picked up 6 new Exide Stowaway batteries from Sam's Club in Manchester yesterday. They were only 48 bucks apiece.

Good luck on your resto.


04-11-2006, 06:52 AM
Greetings from The Funny Little State of Tennessee once more. Just following up on your E10 restoration. Have you been able to obtain the batteries you mentioned, and if so, how are they doing ? You spoke of "reconditioning" and I wondered how - as in desulphating maybe?

The Trojan 105's that came with mine were very near the end of life this time last year. Careful attention to electrolyte level and charge and use of a Battery Saver desulphating unit gave me one more season. I replaced them this season with DEKA Pro Master's and so far so good. I blew out a deck motor on the last cut last season, and had that rebuilt over the winter. With the deck repaired, blades sharp and new batteries this little machine is just amazing !!

My yard is 1 acre. The postage stamp front yard is kept with a Black & Decker CMM1000 or a Neuton 4.1 and the rest is done with the E10M. Yesterday after mowing for two hours with the E10M, the "fuel" meter was just barely off the full mark and the yard is perfect. This would have been a two day job with the old batteries. Charge... Mow... Charge... Mow... etc... Great batteries make all the difference and will prove well worth the cost.

Also, please post a follow up about the tires you used. I think you said Northern Tools ?? If there is a stock number or item number perhaps ? My tires are in great shape, but are the original Elec-Trak tires. I would really like to take them off to preserve and use more expendable ones for everyday.

Enough of this folderol... Time to sit back on the veranda with a julep and enjoy this beautiful lawn !!

Best Regards - LionMike

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