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02-20-2007, 03:02 PM
A few weeks ago, I happened to live in an area (SW MO) that was hit by the worst local ice storm in memory. One hundred thousand people (including me) were estimated to be without power as the storm produced 60 hours of freezing rain. The power companies where working non-stop to repair their systems. As the the freezing rain continued, they would often have to repair the same lines the following day.

I had a generator w/10 gallons of gas, K-1 fuel, a gas camp stove, plenty of food and bottled water, and a bath tub full of water for the stools (we are on a well). I was prepaired or so I thought.

Well, about two days into the storm my generator quit. Would not start no matter how hard or how long I pulled (choice words didn't help either). I had shared my K-1 fuel with a neighbor because there was none to found at that point. The distrubution pipeline had no power. The local stores that had power were out of everything. My wife about burnt the house down using the camp stove because we had never used it before. Some friends had joined us which increased the stool usage (water and paper became an issue). There wasn't a hotel room available anywhere close.

In the mist of of all this ciaos the only thing that seemed to work was a small inverter attached to the batteries of my E-20. When the generator quit, I hooked up the inverter to power two lamps w/ CFL's and most important of all to my sanity, a small television. There was no cable or internet at that point, but local stations kept the kids out of the way and we could keep up with the local news. We were able to recharge cell phones and I even used it power an electric blanket one night when temperature dipped into the single digits. My wife and kids where impressed by the old mower's contribution.

After six days the power was finally restored. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to go through the big storms along the coast.

My wife doesn't mind so much having to walk around the mower in the garage. The childern had a great story to tell at school.

If you do not already have a small inverter, GO GET ONE. Keep those batteries charged.



03-25-2007, 09:08 PM
Wow what a story. I have an inverter for my E-15, I've used it to run a sawsall and drills an' such. It sounds like your Elec-trak saved your bacon. How many days were you running off those batteries? I might find me and mine in that situation some time and it would be nice to know what kind of legs it had. Thanx Bella

03-25-2007, 09:50 PM
Running the two CFL's and TV constantly, one set gave us two days. Would have done more, but didn't want to pull them down too far as cold as it got. The second set, running two CFL's, TV, & electric blanket over night, lasted 24 hours.

You could get three to six days, depending on the load, with six batteries. Having three tractors w/batteries, I could have gone longer than I cared to. It was the best money I spent in preparation.

03-26-2007, 08:40 PM
Gee three to six days on 6 batteries! I also have an old 3 wheel ezi-go golf cart that takes the same battery pack, it stikes me that it might be a good idea to work up an inverter plug for that machine as well. It would certainly be easier to just plug into another battery pack than to have to swap the batteries from the ezi-go to the elec-trak. I tend to use the golf cart as a farm runabout, handicap transport and tool carrier. while it doesn't have the horsepower of the ET it is much quicker and better handling, not to mention BRAKES (chortle chortle). Although I will point out that my ETs lack of brakes is wonderful grounds for keeping oafs from driving my tractor. I don't mind the occasional oaf behind the wheel of the Ezi-go, I only paid $150 for that and I woun't be up the creek for traction if some brainiac launches himself into the swamp with it. (in that case I can pull out the ezi-go with the ET but not vice versa).
Elec-traks give new meaning to the phrase... the more power to you, Sir.