View Full Version : What do I need to know about buying an Elec-Trac?

09-19-2007, 03:58 AM
I have been wanting an Elec-Trac for along time now. I was wondering what tips you can give to me about buying one.

09-19-2007, 11:15 AM
A lot depends on how big your yard is and what you plan to do with the tractor. If you have a small yard (less than an acre) look for a small frame mower (E-8, E-10, ER-36). If you are planning on pushing snow or tilling look for a large frame tractor (E-14, E-15, E-16, E-20 or I-5). The E-12 could also be used but is limited on speed ranges. If you want a mid-mount deck look for an E-12M or one of the New Idea series of tractors.

Of the large frame tractors I have worked on, the E-12's have the simpest electronics (no cards to go bad and fewer connections). Some of the later models partially did away the cards.

When checking out a tractor to purchase, the drive motor & mower deck motors should turn freely, otherwise, factor in the cost of bearings, brushes, & labor. Bill Gunn recommended rebuilding the deck motors first thing. Pull the rear tires and check for worn bushings on the transaxle (oil leaks may be a sign of this). If the axle wobbles up and down, bushings or bearings are bad and need to be replaced. This might cost more than you gave for tractor originally.

Accept in your mind that there is going to be rust & corrosion along the bottom of the battery boxes. Steer away from the machines that have been stored outside for decades unless you want a parts machine. Most of the original tires are going to be weather checked. As long as they hold air they should be fine.

My two cents. Hope this helps.