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06-18-2008, 05:48 PM
Rotary generator used for emergency power during major power outage. Last Friday June 13, 2008, we had a major power outage in Amador County, CA. A wildfire knocked out power to some 13000 users, one of which was my weekend house for 24 hrs. I have a propane generator that is connected to the garage and well pump circuits only, which I often used an extension cord from garage through an open window into the house for power. My house usually goes through 2 or 3 power outages in the year. Last year, I obtained and installed a male RV type outlet on the outside of the house which passes through to regular duplex outlet on the inside. This latest power outage, I was able to pull my EGT150 up to the outside outlet box and plug the Redi-Line 1600W generator directly into the inside duplex outlet. This provided enough power to run a refridgerator, lights, TV & a small A/C unit for several hours during the power outage. I was certainly surprised by the output of the rotary unit hooked to the ET in supplying power in an emergency situation.
I have uploaded a picture of this setup to the Mix n Match pix gallery!

Bob K.

06-19-2008, 12:14 PM
Nice Bob! Is that rotary making 120 or 240? Either way, pretty cool. How long will it run if your tractor has a full charge to start?

Nick :cool: