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05-05-2006, 01:09 PM
Greetings! This is my second post here, and I thought I should introduce myself.
I was recently given a simplicity 5100 garden tractor (I usually call it a mower, but I guess it is not) because it had a bad motor. I started to swap in the motor from my MTD, which received a freshened motor when I got it for free as well.
See a trend? I am very thrifty, and free is my favorite.
I am nearly complete with the swap, when I realized that this is actually the perfect time to convert!
I also own a Toro 36V push mower that I use for the front and side lawns, but the rear 3/4 acre really deserves a bigger unit, plus the old batteries in the toro will not hold up to the heavier use.
I had saved a message I ran across years ago from another person who seemed knowledgeable in this area, and I sent him an email. He replied and suggested that a lawn tractor may be a better platform to start with. Then I realized I had been calling this pile of parts by the wrong name, and likewise have been performing searches with "electric riding lawn mower". They are highly unfruitful. Changing my search parameters was a night and day difference.
So, here I am.
But I may have to complete my swap on the simplicity in order to mow my yard. It's growing with no sign of slowing.
This will not deter me from my goal, which is to have a completely off the grid electric mower, this will be so much more pleasant to mow with.
A bit long winded, but there we are.