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07-14-2008, 10:46 PM
howdy all
a long time ago about 1976-78 my dad was an avco new idea farm eq dealer and we had a local tractor pull so to sell a couple of the new electric lawn mower's he made me use one at the pull.
well as embarassing as it was at the age of 12 ( no smoke, no screaming engine, no spinning tires) i won all three classes. so now i'm thinking of doing it agian. but these babys aren't that easy to find
does anyone know of a contact in canada that may have a complete unit for sale :hmmmmmmm:

thank in advance

07-16-2008, 08:57 AM
A few weeks ago I too decided that I finally had to have an ET to tinker with. Thought it was going to take forever to find a tractor for under $6-7 hundred dollars(ebay) that was going to need batteries as well. After placing a couple ad's and asking everything that moved to be on the look out I had an e12 and an e20 in 1 week. VERY reasonable and local to boot. Now if I only knew a fraction of what the guy's around here know about these and electric's in general I'd be in good shape.
If you haven't already seen this page it will really inspire you to get that puller together.

Happy hunting, Randy


07-17-2008, 01:16 PM
Last Friday I took my E-14 to the local garden tractor pull at the county fair.
I did nothing to the tractor except yank the front mount mower off, fabricate some wheelie bars (rules required), and through some extra weight in the rear battery box.

There were 15 tractors in the class, all members of the local pulling club, and were well tuned, purpose built tractors. The E-14 pulled 93 out of 114 feet, which put me in the middle of the field of competitors. The club doesn't have rules for electrics, but allowed me to pull anyway. He announcer had fun with it. He told the crowd to be quite so they could here the motor run. My wife said the whole place went silent. I purposely did not charge the tractor between pulls, so I could see how many "laps" I could do.
I only made two pulls, but both were strong and I ran out of traction not power. Two things I could do to make it pull better: raise the hitch height to 13" (mine is about 12") for increased down force, and try pulling in 3rd gear for more sled momentum. (I pulled in second gear). I was affraid to pull in 3rd, as I wasn't sure about poping a circuit breaker or thermal switch.
It was great fun and the club invited me back. They said it was the first ever electric tractor to register for one of their events. (since 1985).
I had many people come up to me and say they were impressed with how well it pulled. Some said they had never seen/heard of one, others said they remembered seeing them when they were kids.
We plan on going again on August 15th.
Pretty cool.
I would highly recommend pulling with your tractor!

07-18-2008, 05:10 PM
Mike, what class did you pull in? did you have the reg belts? I'm building one also, using a E20 striped, with a e15 motor (sold the 20 motor) I'm changing the belts to clog belts and Dodge pullies, how did you attach the hook point, I know it needs to be adjustable to get the 12/13 inch hook height, any pics?

Jerry NW Ohio:)

07-22-2008, 12:11 PM
Farmbag, email me off list and I will send you info on a guy in ONT that maybe able to help you, jerry39@alltel.net

Jerry NW Ohio:)

07-22-2008, 12:13 PM
wrong email addr jerry38@alltel.net sorry


07-28-2008, 11:09 AM
In the 70's I was selling E-Tracs and I wanted to make a puller. I was able to find a helpfull GE tech/engineer would confirm what I shoundn't do!

I ran this unit for several years with good results.

1st. use a traction motor with a wound field not one with magnets
2 use at least 4 12v batts (48V)
3 do not use the field weakening speeds
4 I used PTO contactors to replace the F & R relay and to step in added Volts to the field when I needed more torque.
5 use 2 VX belts & Double grouve pullys and I used a turnbuckel brace from the bottom of the motor a transmission bolt. Don't use any smaller pullys as the bigger ones have more contact of the belt.
6 I used 2 fuseable links at the main disconnect.
7 be prepaired to replace the brushes. I was looking for brushes with HD leads as the oems tend to get gray and brittle under the heavy loads.
8 I used 48V to run through the coils of the 36V switches. I installed a double contactor in series in the motor drive cable and a pto contactor in the wire to the field F & R sw.
I used 6 12V batts in two groups. Start the load with 72V at the field for super torque, after the load is moving in the 3rd motor speed I would flip a dash sw and add the 2nd group of batts in series to the motor, finaly I would flip a 2nd dash sw and drop the 2nd group out of the field and gain some speed.
Most of the time we use 4th gear @ 1000lbs but @1150lbs and a gummy track I would use 3rd and tie it in gear with a streach cord

A e-20 Motor @ 72V torque =about 30hp

Chassis Mods

Use or make a long wheel base frame (simple to move axel forward)
remove front charger to make room for 3 batts
Use 12v auto batts they are designed to give more power for a short time and to be recharged quickly. We once made 8 pulls plus load/unload and some drive around time within 2 hours without rechargeing (4 classes +
full-pull re-pulls = 4 1st trophys!)

Be carefull and think everything through, you will need wheelie bars and a strong drawbar. do not extend the hook point any farther back than you need to meet the rules. Make a good front weight bar you will need it.


07-30-2008, 11:56 AM
What can I say but....wow. Do you still own this beast?Any pics?