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02-28-2005, 10:22 PM
Hi Guys,

I finally had success with my bucket loader/mounting design so I
thought I share it.

I went through two other versions with having my bucket (made
for an ATV by Swisher, $270 on sale at Tractor Supply Corp.) first
mounted to the rear. Unfortunately I could not come up with an
easy solution to mount the winch high enough (see below).

The bucket is made for ATVs and requires a relatively high mounting
height (about 1 foot off the ground) which is pretty much the height
of our tractor frame. The winch which pulls the bucket must pull about
one foot higher, this was a problem at the back, plus I like the idea of
having the winch hidden and protected inside the body.

So below are some pictures of the way I used it. I moved more than
10 tons of gravel plus some dirt and mulch with it this weekend. It
seems to work great. I am very happy with it.

The moung is a simple piece of gas pipe welded to an angle iron and
screwed to the front bumper. I think I will move it a bit higher an replace
the original front bumper eventually. (no need for the little winch anymore)

First I had used a $50 2000# ATV winch from ebay with power in/out.
It worked fine to lift the bucket but didn't have a break. So I upgraded
to a Warn Works winch (from NorthernTools $129 on sale) with a breaking
geartrain. It also comes with a switch that can be used on the winch or
remotely. I am using this switch right now but will put a reversing contactor
in there evenutally and have it controlled with the standard front
lift up/off/down switch. In one of the pictures you see the (big) manual
up/off/down switch that comes with the winch mounted to a piece of wood with a magnet so I can just place it anywhere on the hood or the relay cover.

I also got me an ATV fairlead which I will mount so I can
redirect the cable to lift the mowing deck or blade.
The picture shows how the winch is mounted in the tractor's housing.
So far I use a plywood board but want to have a steel plate. I had
to move the resistors and disconnect the charger knob. The front PTO
needs to be mounted again as well. I plan to replace the resistors
with a controller in the future.

The winch is powered from the front set of batteries. I had a voltmeter
connected to that pair and couldn't notice it being significantly lower than
the other batteries. However I use a modular charging mechanism where
I charge 1 pair of batteries with a 12V chargers (I have 3 of those). So
unbalancing my pack doesn't cause an issue. If one wanted to prevent
unbalancing then a 12V battery could be placed in the front instead of
the old transformer charger.

Lifting a full bucket of gravel or dirt is no problem at all. However,
traction becomes a problem with all the weight up front. I will have to
add weight behind the rear wheels. Going very slow also helps :)

thats all, so long ...


02-28-2005, 10:28 PM
Here are some pictures of my rear loader design with this bucket and winch. The bucket brackets were supported by my tiller bar. But this was really too low to the ground, the bucket wouldn't dump all the way. Traction and steering was much better, but it was not as easy to see what you are doing.