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    Here are some pictures of my initial attempt to get a lawn vac working with my E10. It seems to work okay, but the total current draw is a little high at around 60 amps with all four motors running. The blower alone pulls a little over 30 amps. I think I'll have to do some more research and experimenting to see if I can maybe use a different motor or something to try and get that current draw down a little. But suction power takes battery power, nothing is free. If anyone out there has already fought this battle, please let me know what you did.

    The blower motor is an ER8-36 traction motor modified with a foot mount bracket and a comm. end cover off a 4 1/2" deck motor. I mounted a box under the left side rear fender of the tractor that holds an on/off switch, a contactor and a 35 amp breaker on a temporary Plexiglas cover. Power to the blower comes from ahead of the manual disconnect (something I added many years ago) so it can run without the tractor running. Anderson SB50 connectors are used to connect power from the box to the blower motor using #6 wire scavenged from large frame parts tractors.

    The original vac unit was manufactured by a company in Anderson, Indiana called New Vac Mfg. That company was part of a long time Elec-Trak and Wheel Horse dealership that is unfortunately now closed. This unit was originally powered by a 4 or 5 HP gas engine, but otherwise it's unchanged. The bag can hold about 6 cubic feet and is fairly easy to empty.

    I have another version (still in the box) that utilized a conventional two wheel yard cart that should be able to handle about 35 cubic feet. It's my intention to modify that unit to hook to the tractor similar to the Cyclone Rake brand vac. The Cyclone Rake unit uses large pneumatic caster wheels and is attached to the rear of the tractor at two points, just as this smaller unit.
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    Excellent !! Looks like it works great, too. I'm still limping my E10 along on one deck motor and did the last part of the final mowing that way. Wonder what would happen if you did the one motor thing and disconnected the deck motor closest to the discharge chute ? Would reduce the current draw for sure. Still one blade turning to russell up the leaves, and with the suction of the vac unit it might just work. (may help to take off the balde on the inactive side too) For me, its back to the rake !!


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