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  1. Elec trac on hilly yard? 
    My uncle has a hilly yard and is wondering if an Elec-trac is suitable? Any recommendations?

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    The Elec-Traks have plenty of power and torque and traction, BUT virtually no brakes at all! We use a number of these machines with success in the hills of east TN, but always know that we have NO BRAKES. The small frame machines can be best left in gear (don't press the clutch/brake and expect to stop - you won't) and if you really need to stop, switch off the key and let the drag of the motor/transaxle bring you to a stop. The large frame machines, same thing, except if you need more stopping power than that you can tap it into reverse. Very hard on the ET, but better than running into something. If you are not in a great hurry for one, then surf over to from time to time. A contemporary re-make of the ET is just on the horizon, and one great feature of the new one will be excellent brakes.

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    I have not tried mine on a hilly yard, but my old E-20 with original brakes, I was able to adjust the brake switch so that it engages as soon as you touch the peddle, and I was able to adjust the brakes enough that you can skid the left rear time on pavement.

    So I would not say that you cannot get these things to brake based on my experience.

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    The brakes on later generations were MUCH better than earlier gens. The "puck" style brakes weren't very effective at all, from what I've been told. My WH had the later style brakes which could, as Jeff pointed out, skid the tires on pavement.


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    I would agree that the newer style brakes (found on E8/10's and upgraded versions of the E12/15/20) with the half-moon pads have plenty of stopping power... *if* properly adjusted. The disk *must* be free to slide, or "float", on the axle and the clevis needs to be screwed onto the connecting rod far enough to get good pedal response. The adjustment is pretty straight forward on the large frame models, but a bit trickier to get the right balance on the small frame units since the brake pedal is also the clutch pedal. I'll be adding complete brake upgrade kits to the store in a few weeks!
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    It is possible to adjust the brakes and if you upgrade to an ALLTrax controller it make the hills even more manageable. With a modern controller you will have a better transition between forward and reverse. I have wanted to install a band brake on my older tractor, but I just haven't needed it bad enough yet. The brake shaft is fairly easy to get to once the left wheel is off. Gas powered Wheel horse and Simplicity tractors both used band brakes and I was always able to modulate the brakes well and lock the wheels for fun when I used them. Conversions of tractors are also fairly easy if you are good with electrics, welding and turning a wrench. I can e-mail you pictures of my converted Wheel horse tractor that is almost finished.
    Best Wishes.

  7. Re: Elec trac on hilly yard? 
    Thanks for the advice guys, with the performance of my E-12s on even slight grades I was wondering if these machines had enough power for hills. Maybe there is just something wrong with mine.

    At least now I can recommend an Elec-Trac to my uncle. He really wants one, this hill issue was his only concern.

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    Update: Looks like my uncle is looking for a diesel now as the elec-tracs are too hard to find.

    On the bright side, I noticed that my drive belt was slipping so I replaced it with a new one (old one was past its prime). So far it feels stronger, I'll test it out next time I mow.

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