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  1. E15 brake pad replacement- How do I change the discs? 
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    Mine has the round style disc pads.

    How do I change them?


  2. Re: E15 brake pad replacement- How do I change the discs? 
    Basically need to jack up the rear end, remove the left rear wheel. Support the rear axle with jack stands, loosen the two bolts that hold the transaxle to the frame of the left side, and jack up the frame another ~1/2". The tractor body should raise while the transaxle sits on the jack stand, giving just a little extra working room around the brakes.

    Remove the caliper assembly. It comes apart into two halves. The pad on the stationary side gets glued into place (be sure to scrape off all old glue first). The pad on the active side with the lever and pins is free to move. Should be a thin metal disk behind the pad to protect the pad from direct contact with the two push pins.

    Clean any surface rust off of the brake disk. Re-install the caliper assembly. Lower the jack, tighten the bolts holding the transaxle to the body.

    See pages 1-23 through 1-26 of the Homeowners Service manual for adjusting the brakes and then adjusting the brake switch.

    Replace wheel, remove jack stands when done.

    (by memory - others may notice missing steps :-)
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