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  1. E12 Restoration - Quick Questions 
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    Restoring an E12 in Colorado S/N: JP 02 219 - Sept 2, 1971 - originally owned by George Gless

    I have finished getting the rear rims painted white and installed new 1" larger diameter turf tires 24x9.5-12.

    I have a few initial questions/problems:

    1) Based on the model/serial number information above can anyone tell me if my tractor is an "early" or "late" model?

    2) One of the Front wheel rims is rusted through and I need new tires.
    - I see that the electric tractor store has some replacements available at a reasonable price, their site shows a difference between the left and right front rims. ???
    They look exactly the same to me and appear to be interchangeable. Of course I didn't label them before sand blasting.
    - also their site shows a narrow and a wide rim. In short I don't know how to tell what rims I have.
    - the stock tire size was 4.80x4.0-8. Is this metric? Is the rim size 8 inches? I'd like to go up to the larger tire size (is it about 2" bigger in diameter?) What size front tires do I need?

    3) The drive motor doesn't appear to run. The drive belt was disconnected when I got the tractor, so the original owner was looking into an issue.
    - How to diagnose? I'm talking just about directly powering the motor, not all of the electrics circuitry that lead up to that point.
    - I also need a new drive belt, sources?
    Notes: the Peerless transaxle moves freely and the drive motor itself turns by hand freely.

    4) The original yellow paint is very faded. I sand blasted and primed some of the parts to stop rust...but now have more questions.
    - the electric tractor store offers some replacement parts in a yellow powder coat. What specific color is this, if I want my local powder coat shop to do some parts for me that match?
    - I could paint it, probably a a much lower cost, but the only formula I found was for a true value custom paint color.....thoughts?
    - what primer do you guys use to stop rust on a 45 year old tractor?
    - what color primer do you use? My local paint shop tells me that yellow is a "thin" color and that the primer color will affect how the color coat looks.
    Notes: It doesn't have to be perfect, but I am looking to make it look very much original when I am done. I will also need to buy some replacement side panels for the front and rear battery boxes.

    Thanks very much for any advice you guys have for me.
    - Mike
    Fort Collins, CO

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    Hi Mike,
    On the question of early vs. late, a better indicator is the suffix of the model number stamped on the model/serial number plate. They generally go something like: AA, BA, CA, etc. Generally speaking, an AA will be earlier than a CA. There were some weird exceptions, particularly the E12S.

    The front wheels are interchangeable both in width and side. I'm pretty sure all E12s came with the narrow rims, and that is especially true if it has the 4.8x4's. This is the rim you want to replace your existing rims: . The other style of rim is just wider, but the same diameter - which is 8". I don't believe the 4.8x4 is metric. I'm not sure what your options are for upsizing the tire, but I'm thinking anything that would fit on an 8" rim. The other choice would be getting a different rim with a bearing that fits the spindle (I believe the bearing ID is 3/4").

    The best place to start on troubleshooting is with the Homeowner's Service Manual (HSM). It has the operational theory and troubleshooting procedures explained in good detail.

    Specifically on the motor, it will need to have both the field and armature hooked up to power (as shown in the HSM) for it to run. If it doesn't run when hooked up correctly, and it spins freely, then it more than likely has a hung up brush.

    Parts (motor parts, wheels, belts, and even yellow paint and decals) are all available from the Electric Tractor Store, which you have found already. I thought he had the name of the powder coat color listed somewhere, but if not shoot him an email and ask. Jim is very friendly and helpful.

    Let us know where else we can help.


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