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    Has anyone tried these batteries in your tractor? If so what was the result?

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    There are some people running AGM batteries, but they require a special charger. I'm not convinced that they're worth the extra cost in comparison to the standard deep cycle batteries. If you do wish to go that route, do your homework on AH rates to make sure you get comparable performance.


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    My experians is that its better to use Lifepo4 cells. Its from use in a City-el and insted of lifetime ~2500 km on lead /agm Im now run ower 20 000 km and its still very good. Its a bitt more expensive in begining but its cheaper in the long run. Then I bouth it 3 years ago its was almost dubbel prise for same Ah, but I can gett the dubbel range whit it becase its more useable energi in it whitout damigt them. So you could get down in Ah and still have the same range or get dubbel range whit the same Ah.
    As it is now will I never go back to lead battery in deapcykel use.

    Now Im looking for a electric lawmover trak instead of my Stiga Primo what have brok down several time this year and make so much nose.

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