Again thanks for the pointers. I have since purchased the reverse light bulb from Free Range Electric, & it is working fine. I am going to troubleshoot throttles speeds 5-8 at a later time. My charger apparently worked when I realized that the main disconnect needed to be on to charge BUT it only seemed to work a couple of times, as now it seems slightly louder & the charge gauge does not show it charging. I am going to charge with my harbor freight solar panels until I dig into the manual & troubleshoot the charger.

I picked up a 2nd I-5 with a loader & mower. I just got the mower running after fixing the castor wheels that were froze up, straightening a few things, & sharpening the blades. The experience of mowing with a sound level similar to large box fans, has made this project so worth it! Below is a video make for for friends.

Jeff S.