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  1. Battery motor options 
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    Not this summer, the one before it, I completely rebuilt the sheet metal on two ET's (15's and 20's). The things I'd like to try and get to this winter are the controllers and the batteries. I'm making up my own Lithium packs and designing my own controllers because I'm just not paying $400.00 for commercial ones.

    The other thing I was thinking of doing was changing out the motor for two BLDC motors, one on each rear wheel. While the original motors are certainly beefy the new technology is better. Drive train will be by cogged belt.

    Here's a photo of the new sheet metal rear battery and seat housing (I made two). I made two front side panels for each tractor also. Both tractors and 8 wheels are done and painted. I think I'll buy new seats and not rebuild the old ones.

    Who's running Lithiums and how are they performing? Anyone running different motors?

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