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  1. Curiousity about my new-to-me E20 
    Hello, new to the forum. Just picked up an Elec-Trak E20 and was wondering if I could get some help on obtaining some information:

    Badge (pic attached) has these numbers:
    ???? #: 26AE20BA
    Serial #: EP10254 (E & P are guesses from hard to read label)

    1) What year was this manufactured?
    2) What are the rear rim specifications? I've found 12x8.50 listed based on 23x10.50-12 rubber, but what is the hub offset criteria?
    3) Any leads on if there are aftermarket replacements for card #3 (GE#211A3162G2) and card #4 (GE#178B8107G1 for E-20CA and #163B9977G1 for E-20 AA 7 BA). Parts from catalog GEF-4374A. Pictures of mine are attached.
    4) How to know which model for purposes of card #4 in question 3?

    Thanks for any help...
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  2. Re: Curiousity about my new-to-me E20 
    Self answered questions 3 & 4 as I dug around. Still haven't come across answers to 1 & 2.

  3. Re: Curiousity about my new-to-me E20 
    I agree the label is a little hard to read. I suspect it it actually FP10 234 (could be 254).
    According to the serial number database by Larry Chace, your E20BA was made on June 10, 1971 and probably was the 1234th unit.
    The last 3 digits are a running sequence that rolled over. An EP10 should be in the 500's while FP09 203 and FP15 327 have been documented.

    Tim M

  4. Re: Curiousity about my new-to-me E20 
    Thank you very much. I found the post you referenced and have emailed Larry with my model numbers to update the general database. actually just picked up a second E20 'FA' last night.

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