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  1. Dismantling an E20 
    I am stripping down an E20 and have gotten everything off except the brake pedal in front axle assembly. The brake pedal has a spring pan that doesn't seem like it can come out with the running board in the front axle I can't seem to find any sort of pin that holds on. It might just be because of bad lighting and the fact that I'm laying on my garage floor. I've done some digging around of YouTube videos and the bear frames typically I've seen the brake pedal an axle still on. Is this the case that they don't come apart without cutting? Am I missing something obvious?

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    The iphone and this forum don't make for an easy time, the dictation record was terrible, and the edit button for the original post doesn't work, so with some grammar correction and a computer to type at, an expanded/clarified post:

    I am stripping down an E20 and have gotten everything off (that isn't welded or riveted on) except the brake pedal, front axle assembly,and steering linkage. The brake pedal has a spring pin, though the orientation is such that it can't come out without the running board removed which is welded on. I don't see anything on the underside that is removable. I can't find anything in terms of a pin on the front axle and the steering shaft doesn't appear to be removeable either. It might just be because of bad lighting, old rust/sludge, and the fact that I'm laying on my garage floor. I've done some digging around on here and YouTube videos and the "bare" frames I've seen still have the brake pedal and axle on. Is this the case that they don't come apart without cutting or metal re-work? I'm finding that hard to believe, so am I just missing something obvious? I was looking for a parts diagram of the tractor, but haven't found that as it would shed light on the piece(s) I seem to be overlooking. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    The closest thing to exploded parts diagrams for the tractor are the Complete Parts Cataloges.
    George has made most of them available over on
    The publication number is GEH-4374 with a letter appended to denote the revision. I would check all available revisions.
    The section on brakes (ie Section N [page 37] of GEH-4374A or Section 10 [page 161] of GEH-4374G) will have some illustrations.

    Tim M

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    I haven't look at the brake pedal assembly in quite a while, but one thought i had to remove just the pedal itself was to drill a hole in the footrest (in the part that is bent upward) where the roll pin can be punched through. Not sure if you can rotate the pedal enough to do that, but it's a thought.

    The front axle is held to the tractor with a long pin about 3/4" diameter in the middle of the axle tube. There is a snap ring on each end that can be removed to allow the pin to be pushed through the 2 pieces of angle on the frame of the tractor. Once this is removed, you'll have to unbolt the "clamps for the steering shaft and wiggle the sector gear out of the frame where it goes up into the console.

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    Thanks to both of you. I did find the parts catalog on the publications page. It's quite a daunting list of documents for this newb. For future readers, I found the diagrams for the E20 in GEF-4374g, pages 163/164 for the brake and pages 210/212 for the front axle.

    Bush, I may just have to do that for the brake pedal, though the parts catalog indicated another roll pin under the chassis. I'll have to take a closer look to see if that is drive-able without modification. If not, I'll be drilling that hole...

    With the new information at hand, I'll get back under it and see what damage I can do...

    Happy Holidays!

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