I have an E12s with a "smart charger" that has been failing for a few years now. Overcharges the fronts by a wide margin without fully charging the rears. I did rotate the batteries a few times over the last few years but the issue is getting worse. Had virtually no run time using the snow blower this year. The batteries check "okay" on the meter but are on the fringe of "okay" on the rears. I purchased a rebuilt original charger a few years back with the intention of replacing the current smart charger. Family, work and all the rest so never got around to it. I am the point where I cannot ignore it anymore. I may even have to replace the batteries but am unsure. I think I need to get the charger installed and see what happens.

So….I have no idea where to start. I just want to be sure I do not cut anything that I will need for installation of the original charger.