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  1. Large diameter mower motors 
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    I have several large diameter mower motor housings that have lost a magnet. Does anyone in the forum know if anyone out there is actively rebuilding these housings?



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    I had a reputable local motor shop do a drive motor for me a few years ago. It has held up well and wasn't unreasonable on price. For just one or two, this is the way to go.

    I, too, have a stash of deck motors with loose/broken magnets. I have a plan and process to do them when I get desperate. If you research some, there are some manufacturers of motor magnet epoxy. Basically, sandblast and clean the areas as much as possible, apply the epoxy and magnet with some sort of fixture to hold it in place, let it cure in an extremely DRY environment to keep moisture from creeping in and rust setting up. I know a few people have had luck with JB Weld and such, but if I'm going to do it, I'll spend the money on the magnet epoxy and do a whole slew of them. It is quite expensive, but worth it if we can do 10 or 20 motors at a time.

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    I repair loose magnets with a product called Belzona Molecular Super metal. It is much like JB weld but much stronger and more expensive. On the plus side it is good for bonding a lot of other things to. you must clean out all the rust and old adhesive ad make sure the magnets go in the right way. I am looking for some motors to repair, I need three to get another deck working.

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