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Elec Trak Puller? Found a motor...
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  1. Elec Trak Puller? Found a motor... 
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    I know there's one or two stories out on the internet about tractor pulling with an Elec Trak. I think one guy was building one with a large GE motor he found on ebay. And then there's tractors like 144V Midwest Super Cub's Electric Tractor. My budget and tooling is nowhere close to the latter. I was thinking of testing an old golf cart motor but even the junk ones I found were too expensive ($300+).

    Yesterday I found an old Baldor 8 hp DC motor on craigslist. It's a 215Z-7544D frame, the "Z" signifying it was a special order or OEM item. Besides what you see on the panel, it might was well not exist. Try to google it! I dare you!

    The motor is series wound and appears to be at least as old as the Elec Traks. This one came from the guy's tractor pulling club along with two giant WWI era one phase motors. It turned on a 12V battery so I paid dude what he was asking for - $100. Not a lot for what you get in potential. More about that later in the post. But it was (and is) kind of dirty and I may well still find out that it needs TLC. That said, the motor turns freely and what little I can see inside appears to be clean.

    Thanks to an unrelated thread I was skimming on diyelectriccar.com about using forklift motors for cars I found a fellow owner of one of these elusive motors. (He thought it was a 2152-75440, easy mistake to make.) His was running 72V and up to 400 amps (28.8 kW!) in a Yugo fed off about the same amount of lead as our Elec Traks at certain points in its life. It would pull 200 amps from a 72V pack and hardly got warm.(Info: http://www.evalbum.com/762) There was another person who put one in a Geo but I couldn't find any more info.

    The specs are: It is rated to pull 98 A at 3200 RPM from a 72V supply in continuous duty operation at 50 degrees C. If it can do 7kW forever, it can take a heck of a lot more than that in short bursts. I still have no idea what this motor would have been used for. Maybe the frame on it will provide some clues to someone with keener eyes than myself. Regardless of what it once was, this motor still looks like it can take anything I can afford to throw at it and I mean that quite literally.

    So the question is: what do I do with it?
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  2. Re: Elec Trak Puller? Found a motor... 
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    How big is it?
    How much does it weigh?
    Does it fit the ElecTrak chassis?

    I have tried my E15 at the pulls and found that it doesn't do to good. My tractor has the Alltrax controller, the larger EGT200/E20 drive motor and a good set of 6volt Trojans in it.
    First problem is the drive factor 3/8" drive belts don't grip good enough. If you get the belts to grip I found motor doesn't have enough power to match the 12hp and up gas tractors.

    Speed seems to be a factor, faster the better, If you run in 4th gear the belts slip, if you run in 3rd gear your too slow, can't use field weakening as you loose torque and go even slower.

    So using a more powerful motor with better drive belts would be a good start, there are other problems I found also with the factory chassis for pulling the weight transfer sled.
    But I think if your pulling the dead sled the ElecTraks would do much better as they have more low rpm power than the gas tractors especially with the Alltrax. Can very slowly appy more and more torque to the rear wheels.
    Thanks Doug from Markham Ont. Canada



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