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  1. PTO slow to activiate 
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    Hi: I am pretty sure this is the RTN relay issue but I am trying to figure out where to look. E14 PTO does not activate sometimes when the switch is lifted. Eventually it will work but the problem is getting worse (taking more switch flipping for it to kick in). This feels like a dirty relay and from what I can see on the diagram, maybe RTN? just wanted to see if folks agreed before I go in there and try to clean the fingers.

    Thanks, Eric

  2. Re: PTO slow to activiate 
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    nomad, disconnect the power cables, spray non-flammable electrical contact cleaner on the points and clean by dragging a strip of cardboard, like from a cereal box, across the points, no filing, no no, assuming the connections are tight, after reconnecting power to the tractor, measure the voltage across the top power tabs-observe polarity-; its quite possible the coil is just tired and cannot pull down the finger plate; replacement is then required, If you are likely enough to own a variable dc power supply, pulling the coil and or the pto contactor, and measuring the lowest activation voltage will give you a good idea of how much voltage drop the component can take and still function.

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