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  1. Angling method for E12M dozer blade 
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    I am working on getting everything I need to attach a dozer blade to my E12M. Can I manually adjust the blade angle without having the bar and lever?

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    Yes, you can adjust the blade angle without the lever and cable. I have had to adjust mine this way at times when the cable was not working.

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    All it takes is hopping off the tractor and moving the locking lever to release the blade, move it, and restore the locking level position. (Don't forget to lift the blade first!) This seems to work well enough for snow plowing, where the same angle works for both "up" and "down" the driveway, in each case pushing the snow towards the sides of the driveway.

    I've also found it very helpful to connect the lift strap so as to achieve a 2-to-1 mechanical advantage and to put the strap's lift point as far forward as possible. Both changes result is slower lift and drop of the blade, making "precision" adjustments possible. They also make the lift motor happier.

    That involved making a little pulley assembly that mounts on the top of the big pivot bolt such that it does *not* rotate with the blade but instead always aligns with the strap. The strap goes over the front-most pulley, then down to the pivot bolt assembly, and then back up to a bolt on the "tower".

    Larry Chace,Ithaca, NY I-5 and E15

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